An Open Letter To The Spiritually Mismatched

The Victory of the Tomb


Lord Jesus, Your tomb stands empty. We rejoice that You are no longer there because now You dwell in fullness in our hearts. You've defeated sin and death and given us victory and life!

Lord, meet our unbelieving loved ones and show them the scars on your hands and feet. Let them touch the marks on your body and know that you died for them too out of your great love for us all.

Lord, as we your sons and daughters celebrate this glorious day, a day that set the promise of salvation in stone with an empty tomb pronouncing You are indeed risen, renew our hearts with this promise that is not just ours to claim. It is for everyone.

When you allowed them to nail You to the cross, You saw us across the span of time. You saw our broken and sinful hearts. You even saw our unbelieving loved ones.

And then you said it was done. For us and for them. Help us to live in this promise that is there for us all. Help us to remember that you left the tomb in complete triumph over sin and death. Help us to remember that You desire that none should perish.

You knew every one of us when You hung from that cross. The smile You bore as You walked on the road to Emmaus and your passion was for us all.

And our unbelieving loved ones.

Lord Jesus, we stand in Your promises, ready to be the representation of that love to our spouses who have rejected and turned away from You. Renew our strength and commitment to our spouse and our marriage. Give us wisdom and passion to love them as You are calling us to. Give us Your heart and vision to persevere and hold true to the path You have set before us.

The tomb is empty and our hearts are full! The victory is ours to behold as we ponder the incomprehensible wonder of Your love, Lord Jesus.

You gave us Your all. Help us to be like You. In your glorious name we pray, amen.

Be blessed and redeemed!

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