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An Interview with Lexie Baltimore, Part 1

A Story and a Surprise!

DineenI have a story to share with you. And a surprise.

The story is about Lexie and Hugh Baltimore. Lexie is a believer who God uses in a very unique way to reach the lost. Her husband Hugh is an atheist. In the aftermath of a terrible loss, she’s trying to live out her faith as she raises her son Jeremy to know God, even though her husband doesn’t like the idea of her taking their son to church.

Then there is a battle waging all around this marriage. The enemy recognizes how profound an effect Lexi’s faith can have on her husband, and he is not about to give up now. He’s cemented Lexie’s husband firmly in his atheism and is determined to make sure Hugh doesn’t switch sides.

Sound familiar?

Many of you may not know that I write fiction—that fiction is where I started writing seriously. In the fall of 2009, God put Lexie’s story on my heart, a story about a mismatched couple and the battle waging to keep her husband from knowing God. And I knew He wanted it to be a compliment to our Winning Him Without Words book. (In fact, it's even mentioned in the story!)

SoulSaverThe Soul Saver is officially releasing this week, and it’s not only a story I want to share with you, my dear friends, it’s a story I wrote FOR YOU.

On the second page of the book is this dedication:

For all the “Lexies” out there.
Remember, God is faithful.

I am so excited to share this book with you. I have so looked forward to revealing my little surprise for you. I will share with you that at one point I about gave up hope that Lexie and Hugh’s story would get told. Many publishers didn’t want to deal with the “niche” of the spiritually mismatched but God knew there would be a home for this story and He didn’t let me give up. In fact, He did some pretty cool stuff bringing this story to fruition.

This week I will be sharing the stories behind the story. I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for a two day interview with Lexie. There are some questions I want her to answer for you, things that aren’t in the book.

And by Friday, you will have the full “skinny” on how God moved very visibly in this story and in my own life and family at the very same time. Some God-bumps are coming there!

Each day that I post I will give a way a copy of The Soul Saver. Leave a comment to enter each day if you’d like. If I had my way and the means to do it, I’d give you all a copy of this book of my heart because it’s our story, my friends.

We are all Lexies and we have a story to tell to encourage and help others walking the path of the spiritually mismatched. My prayer is that Lexie will inspire you to step out in faith and trust and realness even when everything around you is telling you otherwise.

Remember, God is faithful.
Praying and believing,

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