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What Happened on March 14th? I Still Ponder it All.


I know that there are many of you reading and working through the questions of our book right now. There’s a story I share in the book that I have never told here on the blog. It’s the story of a glimpse into the miraculous and it happens in chapter eight. Well actually it happened on our front driveway. *grin* 


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I won’t retell the story here but today I want to share with you that this particular encounter continues to fill my heart with hope. Like Mary, she treasured the small things of Jesus in her heart. I too, treasure this day and I ponder it often. 


The reason I speak of it is because this week, I opened my daily Bible to March 14th and written there in the margin at the top of the page it reads: 2008- Mike ….. (okay, I can’t tell you what it says or it will spoil the book). But just let me say that it all starts with a landscape contractor named Joe. 

What makes this date uniquely intriguing is that March 14th is our wedding anniversary. I had completely forgotten that this event occurred on the date we were married. Isn’t that just like God to go to the ridiculous degree of detail to surprise, astonish and love on us? It freaks me out sometimes. 

But this year, 2012, this March 14th is our 20th wedding anniversary. 

Wow…. Twenty years. My friends. I had my doubts at times. But I wouldn’t trade one minute of my mismatched marriage because it’s been the very frustrations and struggles that have brought me into this fantastic love relationship with Jesus and with my husband. 

So, celebrate with us. Twenty years and counting. 

And for all of you who are reading or have read our book, allow me to share some of my pondering about this particular day in 2008. I wonder what you might think about it all. 

I had no idea that Joe was a Christian when I hired him. When Joe sat in my kitchen he told me he couldn’t write English so I filled in the contract and signed it. I thought it odd at the time. I think it very odd now indeed. 

Joe was Italian. He spoke English and Italian. And Spanish now that I come to think of it. He had a tiny bit of an accent but not too heavy. I can't stress enough how odd it is that I came to hire an Itialian contractor in Southern California where the trade is predominately, Hispanic.

Now get this. Joe sported a modestly curly head of BLONDE hair and he had blue eyes. Not your typical Italian. He was filled with the spirit and in my mind; Joe was on assignment to the Donovan house. I’ve never heard from Joe since that time but every time I think of him, I smile. As I ponder all the things the occurred in that two weeks back in 2008, I wonder, maybe, just maybe, an angel???? 

I will never know for sure but in my heart, I treasure the thought. 


March 14.

Two newly married young people.

One extraordinary God. 

I wonder, what God has planned for the next twenty years? Whatever it is, I KNOW it's going to be one awesome ride and I have a fantastic front row seat.

Be Blessed, Lynn

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