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What A Weekend

My friends, as I type this post, it’s late Sunday afternoon. I have just returned from my church’s Women’s Retreat. Every year I can’t imagine the retreat could be better than last year. But God never disappoints and this weekend exceeded every expectation. 

Healing happened, friendships formed, Jesus was present and God Almighty was worshiped. We tasted a tiny bit of heaven as we spontaneously formed a circle, hand’s clasped and worshiped Saturday night. And as I looked around the room of almost 90 women, I saw The Body of Christ. One day I hope I can describe what happened in that few short moments of time. 

My friends, as customary, God chose to keep me humble and the most hilarious and kooky, yet absolutely amazing way. It’s a story I will have to tell here soon about how I became, ahem, Balaam’s Ass. I promise you will laugh just as the entire room laughed… ahem, yep, at me and with me. So stay tuned. I’m too tired today to write it all down. 

Retreats are a tricky business. Some are failures in that walls remain up and real growth is stifled. Many find retreats a difficult place to make friends but after several years of refining, my home church, Sunridge has a recipe for a life-changing weekend. I can promise you it’s life-changing and the women there will never forget it. I know I won’t. 

Throughout the weekend I sat at a table with seven ladies I had never met before. And within only a few hours, we were fast friends, the Kleenex was flying, tears were brimming and God was about His healing. It was utterly humbling to watch it all happen before my very eyes. 

I have brought home with me some fantastic stories to share with you filled with new life lessons and a fresh anointing of hope. I will be sharing more through the weeks ahead of how we can expect Jesus to show up, show off and change everything. 

For now, I want to share just a few photos. It may not be of interest to you but humor me and share in my joy…… 

The joy of the Lord! Love and hugs, Lynn


Imported Photos 00122
We Laughed...
Imported Photos 00128
Imported Photos 00159
We played.....

Imported Photos 00269
...as snow starved Southern California girls will do when it snows.

Imported Photos 00260
We made great friends.....

Imported Photos 00229
We cried. Tear of laughter, joy, sorrow, healing.

Imported Photos 00135
We encountered Jesus.

And we are forever changed. 

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