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Thankful Thursday - Marriages

Every once in a while we give thanks on Thursdays here at SUM. And considering all that transpired in the past few days, Dineen and I have so much in which to be thankful.

As I think over the opportunities we had to reach out to people who are unequally yoked, I'm undone. Let me just share just a few of the miracles and praises. Please celebrate with us.

From the Forum on Tuesday at Focus Communities: Hello Ladies, my name is Mark and I heard the announcement about this FOTF program while on the way to pay for a divorce with my wife....... The Lord stayed my hand on divorce yesterday, so I know He's up to something.

From 1 Peter 3 Living: Gill ~My mom was married to an unbeliever for 19 years. She prayed and prayed of course, but she didn't push, just lived her quiet example. In 1999 we were at a baptism or a first communion celebration for some family friends and for the first time in years he went up for communion, and when he came back and knelt down beside her she could tell he was really praying. A week or so later he had a stroke and died 2 days later.

With God, as long as our spouse is alive there is time, there is hope!

From Facebook: Tisha ~I realize now that I can do this, that I am not alone, and my faith has been strengthened by letting the truth sink in that my God will never forsake me, no matter what circumstances I find myself in. I also have renewed hope that my marriage can be everything I have always dreamed it could be, and that I TRULY need to get out of the way, not just say it, but do it!

From the comments: Brenda ~ I want to be sure to give God all the glory for turning my life around when He did... the light dawned for me that IT'S OK TO STAY WITH MY HUSBAND! IT'S OK TO HAVE A HAPPY MARRIAGE! IT"S OK TO GO TO CHURCH ALONE!

Juliane ~  I left a little later for work today and caught FOTF in its entirety. I cried all the way to work. I believe the message you both delivered today was God's way of telling me that there is always hope and that I am never alone with Him. Thank you for sharing your story!

CamDon ~ Hearing you guys on FOTF this morning gave me hope and reminded that we serve an amazing God that has everything planned out. Like one of you ladies said this morning, "God does NOT need our help" That simple phrase convicted and humbled me at the same time! I just wanted to say thanks for being obedient to God and giving a woman like me hope!

From email: Dave ~ I just wanted to thank you for articulating so well what many of us in unequally yoked marriages feel and, more importantly, reminding us that God still has a plan for us, our spouses and our children.

My friends, Dineen and I are in the trenches with you. We are only servants. But we are servants of the MOST HIGH God and His son, Jesus. It's all about our Lord. Every word of honor belongs to Him.

Giving thanks and praising our Lord can change everything. 

What are you thankful for today?

And tune in tomorrow because a few days ago when I was out on my walk and pray God gave me a question to ask every single one of us who is in an unequally yoked marriage. Your answer to this single question will determine what God will do in your marriage. Stay tuned.

Be blessed and let's storm heaven's gates with praises. Lynn 

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