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It Had to be Him...


I love my husband. No, I really, really love my husband. And it’s not the same as when I married him.

It’s better.

I can’t take credit for it either. At all. It’s totally God. I started praying years ago that God would help me love my husband the way Jesus did, to love him with a godly love.

And He answered that prayer bigger and better than I ever imagined.

Now this is coming from someone who almost canceled her wedding a month before because I was scared to death! Every marriage in my family had ended in divorce and most of my relatives had married and divorced multiple times.

My fear went even deeper than that. I will confess to you that the first time my husband told me he loved me, I told him to go to heck (not the word I used but you get the idea) and drove away. I was scared to death of walking the path I’d seen so much of my family go through. That was the norm for us.

But not for my husband. Quite the opposite for him. Everyone in his family except one person was still in their first marriage and had been married for years. That was the norm for them.

You know what? God isn’t about “the norm.” He’s about the impossible, about the miraculous, about doing what we can’t (and can) in even bigger and better ways.

Like loving my husband with a humanly impossible love.

A few posts ago, one of you shared that you remind yourself in that God loves your husband too when faced with times that make it difficult to love. That’s the norm for God, to love us in our best and worst states.

He loves us despite ourselves so we don’t have to go to hell.

Jesus came for you and me. And He came for our unbelieving hubbies too. He loves our men with a fierce passion that makes our love look feeble and weak.

Having trouble loving your guy this week? Ask God to help you love that man the way He does. Pray it constantly. This delights God and He will do it!

Now get ready. Bigger and better love than you ever imagined is coming your way.

Praying and believing,

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