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How Do We Reconnect?


Staying connected with your spouse can be a challenge. I'm finding this to be harder to do as we get older. I shared recently that we'd become empty nesters, but our status is now back to three. Here we are again, adjusting to new and old dynamics.

Here I thought my greatest challenge would be keeping myself from falling into old patterns so that the new ones my husband and I had created would remain established. I didn't stop and think what his reaction might be—that he might be the one to fall back into old patterns. So, I'm facing the challenge of reconnecting with my hubby.

I find inertia to be one of my greatest enemies in life. I know, I know. We're human and we like our comfortable areas. But that doesn't serve me well. The "easy" thing to do right now would be to just let it be and let it happen. I liken that to the wind and reeds analogy in Ephesians 4. I don't want my marriage and other areas of my life to be "blown about" by old habits.

I will stop here and give myself a very short and brief pat on the back. I'm aware of the situation but I can't stop there (thus the very short and brief pat :-). But I do think that awareness is a huge part of the challenge. Once we can see and identify the problem or challenge, we can seek wisdom and guidance.

We've talked a lot here about being intentional in our marriages. This is truly where the "rubber meets the road." James spoke of not just being readers of God's Word but doers as well. If God gives us a direction to help us in our marriage, we're foolish to not follow that leading. Being intentional in our marriages means constantly being aware of what's working and what's not in our relationships and then doing something about it. And prayer counts as doing something! Just be sure to listen for God's answer and follow through.

What I am doing to reconnect with my husband? Small things right now since I'm still in that awareness zone. I'm praying for God to show me ways to stay connected to my husband now that we're a party of three again.

My daughter's actually been great about getting us together to play games in the evenings, so we're connecting as a family.

How about you? What have you found works for you to reconnect and stay connected to your spouse?

Praying and believing,

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