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Prayer Requests


Over the past several days I have been praying for so many of you. As I have been working through the prayer requests left here, I write down names and the things for which you have asked me to pray. In fact, this photo represents a fraction of the many prayer cards I have written in the last few years. Each prayer card can have as many as 30 names and requests scribbled upon it. 

I earnestly pray for you. So does Dineen. 

Several days ago, I took the current requests I’m praying through from this past week to God. I literally lifted the pink cards, cupped in my hands, up as an offering before the throne of grace. I remember praying something like this. 

“O Lord, see these names. They are some of the many who are broken. Their marriages are difficult. They are dealing with horrendous problems from addictions to anger, to indifference. Lord, many of these whose name I bring, need your hand of intervention.” 

At the moment during my prayer when I lifted the cards, I heard or was impressed in my spirit a reply from the Lord, “Lynn, I see the names you have brought before me. But there are a few who are unwilling to fight for their marriage.” 


Not what I expected to hear. 

However, in an instant I realized what God was leading me to understand.  God is standing ready to FIGHT for us and to bring all His power to bear in our lives. But God also expects us to do our part. Now let me be clear. God can and will intervene in lives. He will arrive when we are too weak to do battle, when we are utterly lost and when we can’t see our way through. 

My friends, God works through people. He wants us to join Him in His work in our homes. He wants us to commit to healing our marriage, to love our spouse with the love of Christ. God works through people and WE ARE HIS PEOPLE. So the question to ask yourself today is this: 

Am I going to commit to fight for my marriage, for my spouse’s salvation, for my kids? 

There is much at stake.

If you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for God to move, this is your invitation. God wants to move in your life and He will. But you are part of the plan so let Him in. Let Him change you. Let Him reveal His great love through you. 

Do you want to see the miracles? Do you want to live the abundant life? 

Today everything can change. Tell God. I’m in. I’M ALL THE WAY IN. Now work in me and let my life reflect your supernatural power and love. 

I will tell you this, when I decided to join God and not to give up, my life changed. And you can bet God will do the same in your life. I’ve seen the miracles. I have fought the demons and gained victory. I’ve watched God protect my teen daughter. God provided in miraculous ways through our year of unemployment. I have grown to love my husband with depth I didn’t think possible. I have walked in the very presence of Jesus. 

Oh my friends, I want all of these experiences for you and you can have them. But God wants all of us not a partial commitment. All of us. Our entire life, our marriage, our thoughts, our hearts our souls. 

So what say you? 

Be blessed, Lynn

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