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The Bible? Is it Reliable? Can you Understand it?

I'ts In the Walls. It's at Laced With Grace.

Sometimes I can be so blond.

Color me surprised!

When we first moved to California, I found myself sharing our home with unwanted critters. I moved from an extremely arid region, translation – Las Vegas, where the only small animals around our home were a few scorpions and tiny ants.

Following our unpacking and a few nights in our brand new home, I was sound asleep enjoying the cooler nights of Southern California. That’s when I heard it, a rustling noise in all places, the walls of our bedroom. EEK! I mean, I sat straight up in bed, freaked. Can I get an Amen here?

To read the rest of the story, head over to Laced With Grace.

Laced With Grace

And five names were selected by the random number thinging again from the comments last Friday.

They are:

Keli Gwyn
Barbara Jenkins
Emily Arndt

Please email me your address and I will get your copy of Winning Him Without Words in the mail.

Be blessed, Lynn


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MAJ Cover 100 size Thumb
Marching Around Jericho is a spiritual guide. As you read through the pages, powerful and transformative instruction and equipping takes place. We follow Jesus as he leads us around the walls, imparting kingdom truths with each passing, finally arriving at the gates of the walled-off city, our spouse’s unbelieving heart. After the circles in prayer are complete, we arrive fully prepared to command the walls to crumble and be removed, making a way for our spouse to step from the rubble of lies and captivity, into faith and freedom!

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