When They Are Stinkin' Mean
When They Are Stinkin' Mean ~Part II

Is Jesus the Only Way to Salvation?



We've had some great discussions here about faith and why we believe God's Word as Truth. Celia has another question that is so relevant to our foundation of faith because until you settle this question in your mind, we are vulnerable to deceptions and false beliefs.


"I would also love to know how you know "this" is the one and only way to God....what about all the other religions of the world...they have all been here...and other people are born and raised with their religion and think it's the one and only way too..."

Celia's question is one we NEED to ask so that we can find the answer and be sure of our faith and give a reason for it (Hebrews 11:1). I will tell you that there was a time that I believed God was in and the same in all religions, just called by different names. Why not? Couldn't God present Himself in more than one way to bring hope to us?

The thing I discovered was, that would be direct conflict to WHO God is and HOW He loves us. All other religions put the burden of "salvation" on the person. It's up to us to make ourselves better and even then, there is no guarantee of salvation.

Now tell me, why God would offer alternatives for us to pursue that can't even promise that our eternity is secure in Him?

Only in Christianity do we have this amazing FREE gift of salvation through God's Son (not our efforts) and the guarantee of eternity with Him simply by accepting this gift. 

I'm attaching a video of Lee Strobel's Case for Faith. It's a little over an hour, the first half of which deals with this question: Is Jesus the Only Way to Salvation?

The second half deals with another difficult question and if you have time, I encourage you to watch it as well. That question is: Why would a loving God allow so much suffering?

This video is worth the time to watch. I encourage you to watch and share your thoughts with Celia.

Praying and believing,

LEE STROBEL: The Case for Faith (Special Upload) Full Documentary from nlytetv on GodTube.




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