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Courage.... In Church????

Give Thanks a Challenge

I have a challenge for you today.

You may be in the midst of a struggle or a tremendous trial with your health, your financial security, your marriage or facing devastating loss.

But for this hour, bring a heart of thanks and praise to God and then watch what He will do in you.

Write out all your blessings. Name them one by one.

A soul filled with the praises of God receives a gift..... Peace.

If you need peace in your life, I challenge you to offer praises and let the peace that passes all understanding surround you, speak into you and bring you rest.





Also today, I would humbly ask you to join Dineen and I as we are the guests at Moody Radio The Midday Connection. 1pm Eastern Noon Central 10am Pacific.

Please cover us with prayer that Jesus is honored and women find hope for their unequally yoked marriage. Hugs, Lynn 

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