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Last week a new reader, Celia, left a comment which I think deserves our reply. As I read it I could hear in her words a heart and her soul calling out, “God help me to understand. God save me.”

I empathize with her plea and most of us here in this community have at one time asked some of her questions. In fact, I can bet there are many who are still asking these questions. So, I’m compelled to take on these questions because THERE ARE ANSWERS. There are solid, believable and verifiable answers about God, His Word, His Son, His promises. How do I know, because I have asked them myself. AND my husband has asked them.

Now I don’t pretend to be a Biblical scholar. Nor do I think I can completely answer these questions to the complete satisfaction of everyone. But, what I can do is share what I know. I can share what I have experienced and point you down the path that I traveled to faith.

I also want to lean heavily on our entire community here. Our community ranges from every age and every place on their spiritual journey. Many of you WILL be able to answer Celia’s questions better than me. So please do so. If you can elaborate and point to resources that are Biblically based, please share in the comments. If you have a story of God’s presence in your life in a similar situation to Celia’s questions, now it the time to write them here.

So let’s get started. Today’s post is the beginning of her email and focuses on the first of her many questions.

February 15, 2012 Celia: I have stumbled upon this site yet again....I guess I didn't stumble upon it.....I was seeking it out....and here is this post. Every time I ask someone....a believer....why I don't have what they have.....why I doubt and they don't....why I fall over and over and over again.....I am told this....that I have to learn scripture to say against the enemy. I try....I try to read the Bible....but it doesn't sink in....I read it and I don't "get it".....I read it and I don't hear what other people I give up.... (more of her email in later posts)

Celia, first I thank you for being transparent about your faith questions and allowing me to share them with others. I have found that if one person is brave enough to ask the tough questions, there are likely many others who just haven’t found a voice yet to ask. So thank you. Celia, I pray that you will read my answers not as a scholar of the Bible but as an ordinary woman like you who has experienced God in my everyday life. I pray what I share with you and what others share with you will make you so curious about God that you become determined even obsessed about finding Him in your everyday life.

When I read the first part of your question my heart moved. You see, I think I lived a long time with doubt. And I think if we are all very honest, doubt has a way of creeping into our thoughts even after years and experiences with God. So, the first thing I would like to share with you is that it’s okay to be honest about your doubt. After all, God already knows how you feel and He knows your thoughts. It’s okay to pray to Him and say, “I don’t get it.” He already knows.

So I think what I really hear you asking is this: How did I (and other believers) overcome our doubt. Why is it we “get” something from the Bible and you don’t? – I hope I’m on target here.

I think we need to start at the beginning. This is where you must ask yourself, Do I believe there is a God? Do I really think Jesus is who He says He is? Even a tiny bit of belief (even belief filled with doubt) is all you need. It’s that tiny mustard seed faith that God then uses over time to develop into mountain moving faith. So, my question to you, to anyone struggling right now is: Do you believe Jesus is the son of God, that He came to earth in a human body, lived, was crucified for our sin and rose to bring us life?

When you can say yes, this opens up a new world where the Holy Spirit can help to open your heart and mind to understanding.

But, what if you aren’t there yet? Can you figure it out if you read the Bible? In a word, YES. But this is where faith can become challenging.

I have a ton more to say about the Bible and how it can bring you to salvation, grow your faith and do much more but this post is already way long. So tune in on Friday because Celia, you are about to discover the Bible is going to change your life. And girl, it’s all good.

To Celia and anyone who earnestly believes and has never prayed for salvation, today is the day. Click here to say this prayer and then let me know you prayed.

Okay, my friends, please leave a word of encouragement for Celia. What scripture verse helped you in your salvation journey and please share your story of how you overcame your doubt to place your faith in Christ. I look forward to continuing this conversation in the comments. I will be out of town most of Monday but will be back in the late afternoon to chat with all of you in the comments.

Celia my friend, Jesus has heard your plea for understanding and help, He is answering. Be blessed, Lynn (and the entire community here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage)

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