Will Power - Unequally Yoked and A New Year
No More Marriage?

Winning Him Without Words

Imported Photos 00060When I was a young married woman I was desperate to find others who could help me navigate this crazy, often lonely, mixed up journey of the unequally yoked. In those early years the resources were limited to a couple of books and not much more.

It was during that time I hesitantly joined a small group. A women's Bible study. That group changed my life. I found friends, hope and help. I found Jesus with Skin On.

In our book we discuss what Jesus looks like with "skin on." He looks a lot like you and me. We are His hands, his feet, his voice to others who are searching for hope. And others are often speaking to us through God's spirit. How amazing is that? In Chapter Two of the book I emphasize how important it was for my journey to healing and thriving in my marriage, to join a small group. 

With this in mind I want to share that there are actually small groups forming all over the country, dare I say the world, where their main purpose is to love on, help and study together with other spiritually mismatched. So, if you are looking for a group, we have a list at WinningHimWithoutWords.com/studygroups. There are only a few listed and we are trying to grow the list. These are groups who are studying our book. And there are groups that are studying other books on this specific topic. Take a look to see if there is a group in your area.

If there isn't? Perhaps this is the very ministry God is calling you to. There is always a need to reach out to this vast population who is striving to live for Christ in a spiritual mismatch. So let me know if you are starting a group, know of a group or are in a group and want the group listed on our site.

I want to take a minute to thank everyone for the amazing week of fasting that transpired last week. My friends, this is where the power of God goes into overdrive. I can promise you that bonds were broken and the salvation of many was set into motion. I'm already excited for next year.

Finally today, I want to share this scripture in salute and to greatly honor all who are standing in the gap for their marriage. God sees you. He knows you love Him more than you love yourself and He looks upon your face and says, "Well done, good and faithful servant.... Come and share your Master's happiness. (Matt: 25:23)

Today in the comments, please let me honor your commitment to marriage and more importantly, your commitment to marriage. 

Write your name and the years you have been married. Let's bring these awesome number's before the throne of grace in one big amazing praise offering.

Lord, we love you. We KNOW You have amazing plans for your lives in 2012. You have set in motion healing in our hearts, our men our marriages. You have proclaimed the year of the Lord's favor upon those who desire to be faithful in marriage and faithful to You. We give you our marriage. May it bring great honor and fame to the name of your son, Jesus. In His name we pray. Amen.


Lynn and Mike - 20 years, March 14

Dineen and Mike - 24, September 5

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