Day Three Looking for the Miraculous
A Strong Finish

Thursday - Prayer and Fasting

Fasting banner 2011


Psalm 119:25

I am laid low in the dust;preserve my life according to your word.


Lord, I am humble before You. Broken. Hungry. Thirsty. Meet me here right now today. Give me life beyond my flesh. Be my food. Be my water. Be my source. Lord, I pray that I would faint not, but that You would help me endure to the end.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.


We are now reaching into the long stretch. Strongholds are being broken, plans are set in motion in the heavens for the salvation of many, the redemption of marriages, the return of the prodigals, the proclamation of joy in our homes. All because we prayed.

Today, let us know how we can pray along side of you. Whom are you praying today? Praying and believing, Lynn

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