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Weekend Devo — 'Twas the Week Before Christmas

IMG_0117I'm having an "ahh" moment with a cup of my favorite tea. The warm scent of English blend wafts across my nose and my eyes close in welcome relief. The stress in my shoulders seeps away as I settle into my comfy chair and on the matching ottoman I prop my aching feet. 

I'm tired but happy. My Christmas shopping is done. Next week promises busy moments with my family as we make ready for Christmas baking and fun. My oldest daughter will turn 22 and additional  presents will be under the tree for her new fiance (we always have a gift for this sweet guy but this year he's earned a few more!). We even have a stocking for him hung by the chimney for Christmas day.

My youngest (18 as of last week—yes, we have Christmas babies!) won't be with us—she's tucked snug with family in Florida, enjoying the fuss and attentions of my husband's big family. Nope, no sugar plums are dancing around her head but I'm betting she's having visions of what she'll buy with the gift card we sent for her birthday.

I settle down more into my soft chair (no kerchief for me, too many curls in my hair). The nativity scene on the sofa table catches the light from the twinkling tree. I smile to myself and thank Jesus for being there for me, even on busy and hectic days like these.

Another sip of tea and my heart settles into silent Christmas songs. Our newest member of the family (a hyperactive mutt we named River) races into the house with a clatter and stops in front of me. Her little brown nose wiggles as she sniffs and she tilts her head as if to ask, "Why are you sitting around?!"

With a scratch on her head and a pat on her back, she races out the back door after the cat. I return to gazing at the tree so brightly lit. Lights twinkle and blink and dance up the branches. Big bulbs of color glow inbetween ornaments each with a story that matches.

This one for our baby girl's first Christmas. That one for Dad's favorite movie, A Christmas Story. Another reminds me of our time in Switzerland and Christmas snow! And yet many more bring a parade of past memories of Christmas cheer and glow.

No Santa to bring presents this year—our girls are all grown. Just the sweet lingering essence of a baby promised long ago. I'm so thankful for our Savior—He's always so near. And though our family's changed and we're not all together, our hearts are forever tied with love and Christmas cheer.

Much to celebrate in the Miller home this year. So much to be thankful for—my heart just overflows. The trials of the last few years grow dim in the faithfulness and reality of God's plan. So from my heart to yours, I wish you the same.

Peace and many loved ones to be always near and the blessing of God's presence all through the year!

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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