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Prayer and Fasting 2012

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Fasting keeps you sensitive to His Spirit, enabling You to live holy.

I am convinced that we will never walk in the perfect will of God until we seek Him through fasting. When you present your body in the manner, you open yourself up to hear from God. You will prove or discover His good and perfect will for your life. Paul was fasting when God called him and shared the assignment for his life (Acts 9:7-9). Peter was fasting on the rooftop when God gave him a new revelation and called him to take the gospel to the Gentiles (Acts 10). Fasting prepares the way for God to give you fresh revelation, fresh vision, and clear purpose. ~J. Franklin

I want a fresh start in 2012. Do you?

Our fast will begin on sunrise of January 2nd and last through sunset of January 6th. That's this Monday. There are many ways to fast but if you are medically able, fast from food in some way. I am preparing to fast on a liquid fast for three days and then finish the week out with a Daniel fast. This is what I hear the Lord asking of me. What is He asking of you.

Do you want a breakthrough? Do you want to be rid of a habitual sin or a bad habit? More importantly, do you want to hear from the Lord what He wants for your life? What is His will in your marriage? I know I do.

So join us on Monday. I'm so excited that so many of you have committed to join us. You will not be disappointed. God will surely show up when you offer this sacrifice to Him.

On Monday, Rosheeda Lee, who leads our fast every year, will post a scripture verse to reflect upon and a prayer to start the day. So stop in early and pray with us corporately.

Dineen and I believe this year God has called us to pray very specifically for our families. On Monday, pray for your spouse. Every aspect, his/her health, job, parenting, hobbies, his soul, heart, and emotional state. Pray to understand him better. Ask God to show you where you can be a better spouse and to give you the courage to take action in whatever area He reveals. Pray, pray, pray.

Light a candle.

Each time you see the flame along with your hunger pangs; both will remind you to shoot up prayers.

On Tuesday, pray for your oldest child. All day. In the same manner. On days-three, four, and five pray for each subsequent child. If you have more than three kids double up days or extend your fast. If you don't have three kids, then pray for another significant relationship in your life.

The community of believers here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage is an expectant bunch. We truly believe God answers prayer. I know I have seen the miraculous in my prayer life, so let’s expect God to hear, to act, to show up and show off.

Then let us bring Him praise. Lynn

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