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Weekend Devo — The Journey from Atheism to Belief

This is a beautiful testimony from one of our readers about her husband's journey from atheism to belief. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jennifer!

I accepted Christ in the 4th grade and grew up in a Baptist church. I have always had a strong relationship with Christ, but my walk blossomed exponentially over the past 2 years as I became intimately involved in Kay Auther's and Beth Moore's Bible studies...finally, I was IN the Word and allowing our relationship to be two-way.

God knew exactly what he was doing, as He was preparing me spiritually and scripturally for what was about to take place in my marriage. Jim and I married in 2005 and he had, since we started dating, proclaimed to be a Christian. Born and raised Catholic, he had never been exposed the "love of fellowship and worship" aspect of a Southern Baptist church girl. His church upbringing consisted of Easter and Christmas mass and the extent of his relationship with God was a string of fox-hole prayers. (He would tell you all of this.)

Over the years, I have longed to get involved with a Sunday school class and participate more in couples activities in the church, but he always balked. When we had our first baby, my longing to fill my home and my life more with the Word and life of God became more intense. This was the first sign of push-back, because all of the sudden I was wanting more than a Sunday morning commitment.

Jim is a physician...a scientist. He has always whole heartedly believed in evolution, the big-bang, the radical theories of science and disregarded the magnificent truths in the Bible as folklore and exaggerations. He would even laugh at the fact that I believe in Noah's arc and creationism. He is real big into pod casts, too. Financial, spiritual, how to, etc. I noticed spring of last year (2010) that part of his pod cast mix included Buddhism, meditations, zen...you know, all kinds of New Age stuff.

It was sometime last summer that we were sitting in my therapist's office. I am in recovery for an eating disorder that I have struggled with since I was 11. I have been to treatment several times, but seemed to maintain and hide it pretty well until 2009. My poor health erupted and my intestines prolapsed. My 10 day hospital stay was prolonged because of my nutrition. Long story short, I had to go to treatment September 2009 for 6 months, leaving my precious babies and husband behind.

So back to my therapist's office...We had gone for a couples session desperate to learn some relationship tools. We were really starting to argue more than a married couple should. In a heated debate he blurted out, "I don't even believe in all this church stuff. I am an atheist and have been all along. I just go to church to appease you."

He stormed out. I have had a lot of lows and hit a lot of bottoms in my life, but that day, I don't think I have ever felt so wounded. It was hard to breathe. I cried out, God, I don't know what to do. You can only imagine what this did to our marriage and my heart. I clung to 1 Peter 3 and hit my knees with prayer for my husband and his heart. I sought counsel through my spiritual mentor and Bible study leader, Ruth. His mocking of the Bible and questioning of my faith only became more blatant. I questioned him...how can you read every text book under the sun, yet blow off my belief system without even reading the Word it's based on?

I think he took that as a challenge. He came across the most amazing podcast of all, The Daily Audio Bible (Brian Hardin). The intro sucked him in and he was curious, so he began to faithfully listen each day. At first he scoffed at the stories and dug thru the law of the Genesis and Exodus, but something began to stir. In Feb of this year, a friend of mine gave me 2 CDs of Mark Cahill speaking at a Joshua Conference. I casually turned it on in the car during a family road trip to visit family. As we listened, he kept pausing and rewinding the message. He began asking questions and his wheels started spinning.

He asked to hear the 2nd CD, which we listened to twice! Praise God that He had brought me to a maturity that I could speak truths and scripture to him. He decided to sign up for the Fight for Manhood Bible Study at our church, and the men in his small group began to minister and witness to him. The gentleman who led his group approached him and said, "God has put in my heart to disciple you," and they began meeting together.

I remember the day he proclaimed, "Jen, it's true. It's really true. I want to follow God's word. I prayed the sinners prayer."

My husband has been born again...he is so hungry for the word of God, and he is growing like a spiritual weed! Our marriage is flourishing and our hunger to seek Him only grows stronger with each passing day. God is so good, so very very good. He is sooo HOLY!!! Oh, how I love Him!!!


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