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Turkey Soup

SoupWhen we lived in Memphis, I used to always make turkey soup from the Thanksgiving leftovers. I’d let it sit on the stove all day and cook down to yummy goodness. One of my favorite ingredients was to throw some of the left over stuffing into the soup for seasoning. Yum!

A lot of years have gone by and I haven’t made much turkey soup in recent years. Seems like my family’s tastes changed and simple soup just didn’t interest anyone anymore. My soup pot stayed in the cupboard and I let the tradition go.

I was thinking about this last night as I chopped up some carrots, which made me think of my soup. Sometimes we keep doing things without thinking about them until it takes a change from the outside to bring us to a stop. An illness, a depression, a change of heart . . .

Those can be painful times but I’m finding God is very much at work in those details. We can be such creatures of habit (I know I am!) that we keep doing certain things just because we always have.

I kept thinking long those lines as I chopped a few stalks of celery. You know, God let’s those shake-ups come into our lives to grab our attention and maybe even try a new way.

Or learn a lesson. Or start a new tradition. Or bring a solution in a way we never expected, even through someone unexpected.

Sometimes we miss some great opportunities or a better solution when we limit ourselves to only what we know. God wants to show us so much more. His infiniteness isn’t limited by our finite point of view.

He wants to grow and shift us from our limited human perspective to one that encompasses Him and His presence in every aspect of our lives.

Well, my soup pot came out this year. Yep, you guessed it. Those carrots and celery were for soup. I used the usual ingredients but added a new one when the idea struck me as I passed the leeks. A new flavor, a new possibility.

You just never know when those moments and traditions from our past are rebirthed into something new and special. That’s the way God works, isn’t it? Even to my old turkey soup tradition that’s now been remade into something new, with leeks!

By the way, my turkey soup came out even better than ever. Yum.

Praying and believing,


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