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It Is Truly Special - Thanksgiving

The predawn light slips through the window as I sleepily rub my eyes and wait for the coffee to trickle into the pot. The smell rises to fill my head with a smile. I pour in cream and shuffle to the drawer, withdraw my familiar and tattered Bible and the spiral binder below it.

All is quiet. The family slumbers. It’s peaceful.

The heat from the cup thaws out my hands as the warming air from the heater finally circulates. I sit on the couch under the lamp and slowly open the pages. The precious and powerful pages that literally saved my life, changed my heart and continue to do so. I turn to November. The pages are marked with familiar writing as through the years I’ve scribbled my thanks across the top.

November 19, 2007 Praying for wisdom that comes from heaven.

November 20, 2009 Mike received offer for employment after a year of no work. Thank you Lord!

November 22, 2004 Submitted article to magazine. Thank you Lord.

November 22, 2007 Thanksgiving Day. Thank you Lord for your boundless mercy that God has given us the privilege of being born again.

November 26, 2006 Thank you for the new blog.

November 27, 2003 Thanksgiving Day. My Jesus, salvation, my daughter, son, time off, our home, my husband….Lord, may this year be the year of Mike’s salvation.

The handwriting speaks softly to me of years gone by. Of markers of God’s provision, His love, His grace and His ever present love in my simple life. I step into the words on the page this November 24th, 2011 and thank Him for the rich blessing of another year, a book, a chance to share the hope I have with others, a family that is healthy and under the profound protection of God Almighty.

I read the first chapter of Daniel. I hear God calling me though this story to be a woman of courage, of integrity, of commitment and purpose to serve God alone and never to bow to idols of greed, gluttony, and self. In Peter chapter three, I’m met with such power I’m overwhelmed. It’s as if on this cold morning God is confirming once again to me to keep walking the walk, talking the talk, living it out in my heart and before my unbelieving spouse. Jesus died for sinners that he might bring them safely home to God (vs18).

I sip the coffee and little Peanut jumps up beside me. He paws the sleep from his eyes and waits for me.

I smile at him and give him a quick pat.

As I turn to my journal, I'm touched by the softness of the morning. And feeling the real presence of God, I fall on my knees and I offer thanks. I pray a prayer from the depths of my soul, filled and overflowing with thanks for what truly matters in this world.

O Lord Jesus, my Savior,

Step with me before the throne of grace this special morning and let me recount my blessings to our Father. Lord, You have guarded me with all the power of heaven this past year. You have kept me from evil and sheltered me from disaster. And not only that but Lord you have spoiled me. I know it all can be gone tomorrow and I don’t take all the luxuries You give for granted. I rejoice that you love me and delight in giving your children, this child, great gifts.

Father, thank you for my salvation, for knowing the truth that sets me free, for the healing you bring into lives and you allow me to see it, to be part of it. Thank you for sharing your Words with me. To bring me closer to you and conform me in the likeness of Jesus. Thank you for my husband, my children, my home, my church, my online sisters and brothers. You know how I dearly love and care for them.

Thank you that ……. I am chosen.

I am chosen. I am chosen. I am chosen. Thank you this day that we pause to give you proper gratitude. I love you Lord, Jesus my Savior and Spirit that binds us all. Your humble servant, Lynn

A teary shimmer rests on my lash. The room has grown lighter. Peanut is scratching for his breakfast in the kitchen and I hear a stirring in the distant bedroom. The house is awakening. A full day awaits but for this moment on this day of thanks, I spent time with my King.

And I experienced HIM.

THAT is a perfect Thanksgiving.


Spend time with the King this Thanksgiving. It is truly special.

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