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Out-Love your Spouse - Sowing and Reaping

Thankful Thursday - It's all about Perspective

Thankful Thursday is back here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for the month of October. Woo Hoo! We have a busy month around here and for all of you joining us today, welcome to our marriage challenge. 

Out-Love Your Husband/Wife 

If you missed the video posted Monday, I promise it’s worth your time. Just read the comments. AND join us this month to put God’s love in action in our marriages and then watch and see what our Great BIG God will do. 

I love this time of year. Our first winter storm rolled in off the ocean and I headed for my sweatshirt and jeans. I turned on the central heat to chase the morning chill away and that familiar smell of fall washed over the house. Yep, burnt dust. But, there is something about the fall colors the smell of the heater the first time it fires for the season this fills my heart with joy. 

I looked around my home and was moved to stop and just thank God for all I have. For the changing of the seasons. The provision of a job for my husband. The amazing community of believers, all of you, with whom I share my life. My husband, daughter, son and my wacky dog Peanut. I could go on and on. 

If you are struggling in your life, stop right now and write down 10 blessings that you know are from God and thank Him for each one. If you are in on the marriage challenge, make this specific to your spouse. 

  1. He’s ferociously loyal to me.
  2. He loves Fantasy Football (so do I)
  3. He is tall, dark, and handsome with blue eyes.
  4. He puts his butt in a plane every week to provide for his family.
  5. He loves his mother.
  6. He is a great dad (and can still help her with high school math. Sheesh I gave up when she was in fourth grade *grin*)
  7. He fixes computers for me and the entire neighborhood.
  8. He respects my faith even if he doesn’t get it (that was a long time coming.)
  9. He puts up with my impulsive need for change.
  10. He loves me, really loves me. 

What are you thankful for this week. If you are a blogger, join the fun. If you aren’t write your list in the comments. Honor the Lord with your thankful heart. Thankfulness is at the core of our heart change. Thankfulness is perspective that can change everything. 

Happy Thursday. I will be around to read your posts this week. Love you all, Lynn

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