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Thankful Thursday - Honor God

Thankful Thursday is back here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for the month of October. Woo Hoo!


Yesterday I was privileged to sit down and share lunch with Pam Farrel. Many of you may know Pam and her husband, Bill. They have been writing and speaking about Godly marriages for years and years. One of my most favorite books they authored is, Men are Like Waffles and Women are Like Spaghetti. This book is a hoot. If you want to understand your spouse better, I highly recommend it. 

Pam spoke yesterday at our church prior to lunch and shared a verse and a story that filled me with such hope, I shall never be the same. 

1 Samuel 2:30... Those who honor me I will honor... 

Did you know that Pam was raised in an unequally yoked home? She faced enormous struggles as a child. Too much of a story for today (a later post). It was her mother who was intentional to raise Pam and her siblings to know God. I will be interviewing Pam's mom soon and will share more. 

But what strikes me so much about Pam and her story is this. Pam believed God. She was saved at age eight and believed this verse so much that she has lived to honor God all of her life. In turn, God has honored Pam, her husband and now her children and down to the next generation even her grandchildren. 

Pam poured Christ’s love and teaching into her children, determined like her mother, to instill Godly principals as the strength of their character. 

Pam told the story of her eldest son who stepped into a new high school and was determined to live for Christ. All those years of teaching him as a boy were about to be placed on display. Her son started a chapter of Fellowship of Christian athletes and he also determined he was going to honor God with his life. Pam shares that as the football captain he asked his players to join him at the 50 yard line following their big rival game to pray and give thanks. This was a first for his school. 

The game was a route and they lost something like 30-0. They players were in no mood to pray following the loss but Pam’s son made his way alone to the center of the field. 

He knelt. 

He prayed. 

Slowly her son’s Youth Pastor made his way toward the 50-yard line, following him, his Young Life Leader, they knelt, heads bowed. Then the players on the opposing team began to shuffle out onto the field as hundreds now knelt before the Lord in humble thanks. 

Pam’s son was living out his love and giving honor to his Lord. 

He was awarded athlete of the year, received numerous scholarships. He is now married to a wonderful Christian woman whom Pam adores and has kids. This is a legacy of love. This is what happens when we honor God. 

What we do today, no matter our past, our pain, our circumstances, if we live to honor the Lord, He will honor us. 

Pam, her husband Bill, their ministry, and their legacy is living proof that God’s Word is true and He delights to honor those who honor Him. 

Give Him thanks this day. Honor Him with your words, your actions your whole life. 

Praising Him, Lynn



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