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Hello Everyone,

Now that we have finished our series, Out-Love Your Spouse, Dineen and I will return to random posting. I am always surprised that God leads me to new discoveries and allows me to experience His unending love, grace and adventure and more amazing is I get to share them with you. So stay tuned as we adventure through the Holiday months of November and December. We have some great stuff coming up.

Soon, I will be sharing a video I recorded with a friend of mine that address a serious topic, childhood sexual abuse. This interview is not about the abuse but about how God has worked through this woman. JesusdefeatsdeathAnd it all came about when she went to report for Jury Duty. You don't want to miss it. 

HALLOWEEN - What Do We Do With Halloween?  Link to the post I wrote last year.


On another holiday note....

I also want to collect some of your stories to share in later in the holiday season. 


I share one of my random acts of kindness stories here, Gifting My Gratitude. If you have initiated, been the recipient of, or have witnessed one of these amazing displays of love, click here and share your story (This is our contact page at Winning Him Without Words). I find these are some of the most inspiring true stories of the goodness of mankind and the greatness of God.

BowlerhatI have gathered a few already and they will lift your spirits so that you soar above the clouds this holiday season. Please take 10 minutes and share with me your story or create your random story and then share.

I pray you are filled with the Holy Spirit this week and that you witness the outrageous, vibrant, passionate love of our Savior in wave after wave. Hugs, Lynn

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