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Loving God Helps Me Love My Husband

Out-Love Your Spouse

Are you ready to be intentional about changing your marriage? Do you want to see God moving in your life, your heart, and that of your husband?

I know you do and so do I. So let me share this. You do your part and God will do His part.

We are setting out this month to "Out-Love" our spouse. We are going to love, serve and surprise our husband/wife. We are going to discover that when we are intentional and make an effort to change, really change, through the power of Christ, our lives, our hearts and that of our spouse can truly change as well.

I want to introduce you to my friend Shelly Weaver. I met Shelly when I visited her small group this summer. The Warrior Wives (her group) had just finished the study of Winning Him Without Words and I was invited to wrap up their study of the book.

During that evening Shelly,  by chance, happened to share a snippet of a journey the Lord set her on to "out-love" her husband. 

It's remarkable.

It's real.

It's possible because Shelly loves and serves Jesus. So, today, I'm introducing you to my friend. She will share a portion of her story and we have a challenge for you for this month. Listen in as she describes what God is doing  and then decide if you are willing to commit to honestly change your thoughts, actions and your heart.


Through the month, Dineen, Shelly and I will be sharing different aspects of how to out-loving our spouse. By the end of the month, it is our sincere and heart-felt prayer that you will also step out on your own journey and join us to out-love our spouse.

Now, please take 15 minutes to listen in. These few minutes can change everything. Hugs, Lynn

Shelly Weaver. 

Okay, start today. Pray right now. Lord, help me to see how I need to respect my husband with my words. Help me to refrain from words that harm or hurt and then Lord to begin to speak words of love, healing, and holiness into his life. Transform me Lord to be a woman who reflects Jesus to my spouse. In the powerful and life-changing name of Jesus. Amen

Today in the comments, let Shelly, Dineen and I know you also want to reflect Jesus to your spouse. Start with your words. Let me know where you struggle and how you can be specific and intentional to start to change those old patterns of speech. 

We love all of you. Just imagine what can happen in the next month with Jesus alive and working in our lives. I wonder who might be touched. Who might find Christ. Who will discover peace, love and fulfillment in their marriage. 

I promise if you begin to put theses hints into practice, things start to change. We have so much more to share with you. Looking forward to your comments, Hugs, Lynn

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