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Bittersweet Blessings and Letting Go of Idols

Yesterday I said goodbye to my husband and daughter. They are at this very moment driving cross-country to reach my baby girl's new home. It's the start of a new chapter in her life.

This is the bittersweet part—letting her go. But in that mix of sadness and missing her is this amazing joy. God has been so faithful. He's brought her from a cancerous brain tumor to complete health. As she says, her life can now start. I am so excited for and proud of this blossoming young woman.

What God has also shown me in letting go of my precious girl is that I made an idol of her in my life. You're probably thinking that's understandable, considering all we've gone through together. Mere moments became precious.

Even though my love and care for my daughter is a good thing, there were times that I put her above everything, including God. Understandable but still, not good. God ever so gently showed me that I needed to let go and trust Him with her future. Completely.

I walked away from this time not only restored, but also with the first understandings of how God was helping me let go of my girl and reassuring me He has her future in his hands. As He always has and has proven Himself more than faithful.

I will miss her terribly but with that ache is an even bigger excitement about her future and watching her finally walk into it with her own faith and excitement. It is all that I prayed for her and more.

Needless to say, it’s an interesting time for us. A time of letting go, of readjusting to our lives as empty nesters, and watching our youngest finally get to spread her wings and soar. Makes me think of my own mother and how she had to let go of me way back when…

You know, we think of idols as being the obviously bad things in our lives but sometimes those idols can start with something good in our lives, like a loved one, a career goal, or even a spouse’s salvation.

These are good things but when they hold a higher place of importance in our lives than God, be assured He will deal with us out of His love and his desire for what’s best for us. And the very best will always be Him.

So with tears of joy with a touch of sadness, I'm letting go and I'm praising God for his mercy and grace, and this deep reassurance that all will be well. Yesterday was also my 24th wedding anniversary. God has blessed me richly indeed.

Praying and believing,

My oldest daughter, Rachel, my mother, Donna, and my youngest, Leslie, who is on her way to Florida to live with her grandma and go to cosmotology school. Just wanted to show you some of my greatest blessings in life. Thank you, Lord. :-)



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