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Weekend Devo — Love Me

LoveMe I took this picture in a store the other day. The message is so indicative of state of mind, heart and soul that is prevalent today. My daughter and I talked about it and found two angles to look at it.

One, the obvious is the very selfish and self-centered message relayed here. The wearer makes it clear that it is all about her. But what if that’s just the surface we’re seeing? What if we dig a little deeper?

The second angle, and perhaps on the flip side of this selfish coin, is the need to be loved and accepted. To be known and understood. When we seek to fill that need with people and things, we can easily wind up looking like the first one—selfish and self-centered.

Dealing with individuals like this isn’t easy. They often repel the very love they seek by their behavior. Yet the truth is, we are all selfish and self-centered to some degree. Only Jesus working in us can overcome our self-serving nature and move us closer to the humble and servant-like attitude that defines His character.

I’m sure there are more angles to look at this, but I think in the end it still comes down to the same need God built into all of us and how we each choose to fill it.

Truly, He’ll tell you, there’s only one choice.

Praying and believing,

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