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Perhaps you are curious.

After last Monday’s post about my husband and our church experience (read it here), I will let you know that over the weekend my husband’s family was visiting, thus he didn’t attend church. However, earlier in the week we had a discussion about church and our conversation that ensued that morning during the service. I’m still processing that conversation and am waiting for the Lord to show me where it all may lead. So stay tuned, God isn’t finished yet. 

However, I DID attend church yesterday morning and the message resounded with promise and truth. I want to share just a few highlights in hope that you are encouraged and that TODAY is your first step toward......

The Promised Land. 

For many of us who live with an unbeliever, I think we sit on the banks of the river looking across the vast and treacherous waters of the roiling river. We are just like the Israelites. Centuries pass but the human heart and soul still wrestles with many of the same problems. We look across the river and see the Promised Land. Our Promised Land is a life lived in peace with our spouse who is a believer. 

But just like the people of old, we sit at the bank and yearn for freedom and abundance. We see the giants. We know there is danger, heartache, possible loss and we become too fearful to take a step toward the promises. 

JordanSo, how do we get across the river? 

The answers are in Joshua, chapter 1 &3. Our answer and crossing is the same today as it was for the Israelites. 

  • Be strong and courageous. Trust God and take His courage.
  • Keep God’s Word. Keep it close by and obey what it says. Learn the promises of God and repeat them often to yourself.
  • Get your supplies ready. Be practical about being ready for life. Prepare your home, put in place your marriage boundaries, interventions, and mostly love out of giant heart.
  • Get a power greater than yourself. PRAY and do it often. Ask for God’s discernment and wisdom. You will then be equipped to understand what is really going on and can act in wisdom and love. This is also where you need Godly advisers. Men or women who will be truthful and prayerful with you.
  • Consecrate yourself. Surrender completely. When you finally, finally give up control, that is when God moves with power.
  • Get in the river and see what God does. This is scary but it’s oh, so worth it. 

Get up this Monday. Read Joshua chapters one through three and then get in there. The promises of God await. Salvation is at hand and there is a fabulous marriage to be enjoyed. 

Happy Monday. Hugs, Lynn 

*Inspired by Keith Potter. Thanks Keith!

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