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Raising Kids and Back to School

Caitie Junior First day of schoolSchool started today (Wedsnesday) at the Donovan Clan home. As I write this, I just watched my daughter get into the car and drive off for her first day as a junior. 

I waved.

She waved in return. 

Then she was off.

I stood in the driveway. I didn’t cry or worry about her day. I didn’t feel sad (well perhaps a tiny bit melancholy). 

I prayed. 

O Lord, 

Take care of her today. Protect her as she drives. Help her to get into her parking spot with easy. Lord, help her to locate her classrooms and be on time. I ask that she finds a friend in each class and I also ask that you have prepared new friends for her to meet. Father, please choose her friends wisely that they would be kids with Godly character and a good influence on my daughter. 

Lord, as always send angels to walk with her today. Protect her from evil spirits and evil people. Make her smile. Let her see You in some way today. Reveal your love to her in a profound and impactful way. Also Lord, more than anything remind her that she is a daughter of the Most High God. That her identity and security is solely in You. That you have her back. Show her the lies the enemy speaks and let her reject them soundly. 

God give her confidence, wisdom, and joy. Let her laugh out loud with joy and share a smile with someone who needs hope. 

Finally Lord, let this year be the best year yet. Open her heart more and more to You. Speak your wisdom into her and help her to make choices that are wise and that bring honor to the name of Your Son. Love on her with a passion that leaves her changed and growing ever closer to You. 

In the name of Jesus, I ask. Amen.


To all of the parents who stop in here, I have a few words about raising kids. 

Pray, pray, and pray some more. Then watch what God will do in the heart of your children. 

Happy back to school. Hugs, Lynn

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