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Our Ministry Partners - We Love These People

Well it's been a crazy week. Dineen and I attended a CLASS Seminar this week. It was fantastic. It was intense. It was filled with Godly women who long to serve our Lord. We talked, took notes, spoke, made new friends, laughed a lot and cried too. 

Whew! I was wiped. I came home and slept through Thursday. Yikes.

But, I'm awake this Friday. I am full of the Holy Spirit and excited for whatever the Lord has for our ministry, our lives and for the world. Let me at 'em. It's all for Jesus.

Dineen and I had a wonderful time and we were able to spend three whole days with three of our ministry partners.

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In this photo, Roger Lipp, Lynn (me), Kathi Lipp, Dineen, and Joanne Kraft.

I can't begin to tell you how much richer our lives are because of these people. Roger and Kathi have done so much to grow our ministry. I stand amazed at the Christian community and how we help one another. Joanne and I have been friends since our early days blogging and we met at She Speaks.

So, today I may be a bit behind on Thankful Thursday but I am thankful for God's people who have a burning passion such as mine, to serve the Kingdom of God and to help others find hope, help and healing through the power and love of Jesus Christ.

Hugging all of you today. Have a fantastic weekend. Lynn


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