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Weekend Devo — The Smallest of Prayers

IMG_1194 My family and I took nearly a month to drive from San Jose, California to Sarasota, Florida to spend time with our families and then drive home again. A bit crazy, I know, but we love road trips. We have games we play, like finding all the license tags, (did you know they make a really cool app for that?), the bizarrest sighting contest (this one you wouldn't believe if I told you), and finding unusual places to stop for dinner that weren't national chains.

We had a blast just being together, having our spectacularly well-behaved and entertaining pooch with us, and making the most of the sometimes not so great hotel room.

On our way back, our oldest daughter Rachel, who was watching the house, called to let us know one of our cats was missing. This is an ooooooooold cat. She is 18 and nearly blind. Even the vet is surprised she's as healthy as she is. So for her to just disappear, we feared the worst. Racoons have been sighted in our neighborhood. One took a stand on our roof one night, claiming his domain!

I prayed. I could not stand the thought of this kitty suffering in any way. But we found nothing, no sign of her or what may have happened. I finally picked up her bowl and put it away. So sad.

Then Thursday, Rachel dropped by to visit. Our pooch suddenly got all riled up so she took her out back. Out of habit, she called for Suzy, who was actually her kitty. (The picture above is one Rachel painted of Suzy just recenlty and captures her perfectly.)

Low and behold, she heard a tiny mew.

Next thing I know, Rachel's running through the house, yelling that she found Suzy. I feared the worst, then was shocked when she said the cat was alive. And there she was in the neighbor's yard. We have no idea how this mostly blind cat got there, or how she survived for nearly a week on her own.

I have a theory that she wound up crawling under the fence through one of the holes the dog dug, but then couldn't find her way back.

So, Suzy is back with us, safe, sound and a little thinner. I asked God to show us what happened to our kitty, just so we'd know.

He answered with a whole lot more.

Praying and believing,

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