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Weekend Devo — REACH OUT!

BetterTogether Earlier this month I shared how God had answers our prayers for one of our kitties, who had gone missing. (Read “The Smallest of Prayers” here) I’m sad to say that Suzy passed away yesterday. It was clear yesterday morning when we woke up that the old girl wouldn’t live more than a day. At 18 she’d had a good life.

Needless to say we were heartbroken to say goodbye to this fuzzy critter who had brought comfort in time of tears, laughter at her cuteness, and amazement at her perseverance. We’ve had all our cats (once five and now down to two) since kittenhood and they have traveled everywhere with us. Even to Europe and back.

In my sadness, I reached out on Facebook because I know the body of Christ is alive and well there. Let me just say, I was not disappointed! The comments that came to my status update uplifted, encouraged, and even made me cry at one point because the words this one person shared struck my heart with deep comfort straight from God.

All this to say, and what I truly want to say, to you our readers, whether you visit here regularly or today is your first visit, you are not alone. God is not confined to the doors of our churches in bringing His people the comfort they cry out for. He heard His people’s cries in the Old Testament, and He hears our cries now.

The first thing we often hear from the spiritually mismatched is that we are lonely. That is why the first chapter in our book is titled, “Know That You’re Not Alone.” In the community we have here at S.U.M., on our Facebook page, at our 1Peter3Living Yahoo group, and in the small groups forming to minister to the unequally yoked, God is working to make sure we know this truth.

You are not alone.

In fact, all these avenues are His answer to our cries that we are lonely. So, dear one, reach out. Reach out to those who share your journey, here and in your community. If there’s isn’t a group you can join, form one (Lynn and I are happy to help). Don’t hide your loneliness in the darkness where the enemy had free reign to use it and make it a stronghold in your life.

Walk in God’s light. A struggle shared is a burden lightened and the beginning of God’s healing and peace. Don’t miss out on experiencing His amazing love and comfort shared through the Body of Christ.

Praying and believing,

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