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Unequally Yoked Class

This Sunday, July 3, 2011 I will be teaching a Thrive class at my home church, Sunridge Community Church. If you live in the Temecula Valley or are visiting the area I would love to see you. The class is free and open to anyone who wants encouragement to thrive in their spiritually mismatched marriage.

Class discription:

Unequally Yoked

Is that really possible? Class discussion will center on several Biblical truths, which will renew enthusiasm for your marriage and enrich your relationship with your spouse whether he/she is a believer or has little interest in faith. As a participant, you will gain practical tools for breaking through a spiritual disconnect in marriage and discover you can thrive.

9:30 a.m at the Sunridge Campus. Directions are here. Register online here. The class is free and we are going to share some great scripture and leave KNOWING that Jesus is alive and working in your marriage. Hugs, Lynn

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