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Thankful Thursday — Dineen is in the House!

Welcome to Thankful Thursday. Hosted here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage each Thursday in July. August- Laurie and September- Iris.

Hi Friends! Lynn's on vacation and asked me to do Thankful Thursday this week. Woohoo! I get to play. :-)

So this week, let's talk about a turning point in your life that you are so very thankful for. Small or big, what event changed your mind, your heart, your life and took you on a unexpected path that turned out to be better than you could have imagined. Those are the moments I love because I know without a doubt that God was orchestrating them for a bigger purpose.

The book of Esther is a great example of this. Esther never imagined she'd wind up queen. We don't even know if she already had other plans for her life. I wonder if  her Uncle Mordecai wanted better things for his niece than being a concubine or throw away queen for King Xerxes. We just don't know.

So what's your moment? I can think of many but the one that stands out is when we moved back from Europe to the U.S. My husband's company had three places he could move to: two in Florida which would put us near both our families, and one in California in Silicon Valley. Both doors to Florida closed and the one for California opened wide!

Turned out to be the best place for us to be when our daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer six years later. We had access to the best doctors and pediatric neurosurgeon in the world. God knew in 2002 what we would need in 2008 and put it all in place. And you know the happy ending there—our daughter is cancer free now and healthy.

Does that not just shout how much God loves us? He knows what we need before we need it and plans it all out for us. To the smallest of details. I'm so very thankful for that!

Can't wait to read about your turning points! Or should we call them God Points?

Praying and believing,


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