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Thankful Thursday - The Miracles

Welcome to Thankful Thursday. Hosted here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage each Thursday in July. August- Laurie and September- Iris. Remember we are at Laurie's next month.

Wow, my month to host Thankful Thursday is over. My friends, time is rushing forward. Prepare yourselves as the days hasten when every knee will bow and every tongue confesses that....


Earlier today I sat in my favorite Fresh-Mex restaurant with four of my Bible study gals. We caught up on life and as always, our conversation turns toward what God is working out in our lives. I love that. I hope you have friends who love to talk about the Lord.

Taco I listened to one of the gals share that once again her husband is unemployed. We have prayed for their employment situation for over two years now. I felt moved by this unexpected turn in the employment situation in her life but as I listened and watched her face I saw something.

There were no tears. There was no mention of "poor me." She actually glowed. She looked better than I have ever seen her. You know why? Her spirit was soaring. She was still a little fearful of what their future holds and earnestly prays for full-time employment for her and her husband.

BUT, she sat at the table today and said this:

"I have watched all the tiny miracles of God all around me."

"I have seen His provision in crazy and the most unexpected ways."

"And my husband has even started to take interest in the things of God."

She went on to say that their budget is so tight she was wondering where she would find the money to get her son a hair cut. She said she even mentioned it to her mother. Then the next day, in the mail arrived a coupon for a free haircut.

You should have seen her face where she shared this story. Glowing, rejoicing and absolutely filled with belief in her God of provision.

Now, this may seem like a silly coincidence but I assure you, God KNOWS exactly what we need and He is faithful, if we are faithful, to give us exactly what we need. And if you ask anyone who is utterly dependant on God, He gives you just enough. Not too much, not too little. Just enough. She needed a $10 haricut. Not much to many but it was a lot to her and God sent her that coupon exactly when she needed it.

Many of you know that we, The Donovan Clan, were unemployed for nearly a year in 2009. I, too, have witnessed these tiny miracles. You can read about some of those miraculous accounts in the archives.

As the four of us sat around the table we rejoiced because we have discovered how to open our eyes and see the miracles all around us.

I pray that you also learn to see God's miracles all around you. Every. Single Day.

On this, my final day of hosting for July, share a miracle that the Lord revealed to you. I can't wait to read your posts on your blogs and if you don't blog, leave your story in the comments.

Happy TT. Be blessed, Lynn

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