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Thankful Thursday -

Welcome to Thankful Thursday. Hosted here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage each Thursday in July. August- Laurie and September- Iris.


I am loving summer!

And right now on my morning jog, I run by my neighbors house and see this.


Silk tree
Isn't it stunning. I giant beautiful tree in full bloom with wispy, tiny, silky-hair-like flowers. Take a closer look. 

This is a bloom on a Silk Tree. Spectacular hug? Now why do you suppose God created a beautiful tree that grows hair??? Such a sense of humor!!!! Such a sense of beauty and surprise.

There are days when I take in God's creation and it stirs me to the core of my being. In worship. In love. In awe of our Almighty Creator. 

Today was one of those days. I am loving summer and the beauty of God's world. Are you thankful for summer? Give your praises to the King. Join us for Thankful Thursday and let's rock heaven with our praises. Hugs, Lynn



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