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Moments of Truth

GodisFaithful Sometimes I forget how far apart my husband and I are on the issue of faith. We are pretty much on the same page for most things except this one area. Every so often a subject will come up (usually political) and I'm reminded that we sit on very opposite sides.

Those are the moments that push me to the reality that there is nothing I can do or say to make him understand the difference between what’s perceived as truth today and THE TRUTH. They're also the times that tendrils of doubt try to creep in and steel my hope.

It's easy to give into that place of despair. Our minds imagine the worst possible scenarios. We give into our fears of nothing ever changing or even worse, that our spiritual disconnect will destroy our marriage.

I went to that place for a brief moment just the other day, and even had a moment of panic about my marriage. Would we come to heads over an issue where he couldn’t agree to disagree? We’ve hedged there before. I don’t feel the need to change his mind on these issues because one, I know I can’t and two, I trust God to do a much better job than I can.

Still, it’s not a pleasant reality to be faced with and I know I would be in this place more if I didn’t place my trust in Christ on a daily basis.

That’s our greatest challenge in our mismatched marriages, isn’t it? To trust God for the future of this person we love and for our own futures in the meantime.

I’m reminded of the Scripture in Matthew 6 that tells us not to worry about tomorrow because today carries enough trouble of its own. I used to think this verse was only about not worrying, but I think perhaps there’s a subtler message we can glean from it.

The here is now is the only place we can live. When we focus on what’s already happened or anticipate what could be, we run the risk of not being in the present. And I think that’s where Jesus is asking us to be in this life.

Yes, we are to have an eternal perspective, but not at the sacrifice of the present moment. Especially ones of significance. The ones that make you stop and take notice. The ones that subtly mark a transition or a transcendence of the ordinary and shout that God is present. Right there. Right now.

Whether our unbelieving loved ones take notice or not, God wants us to see. To notice when He is moving among our lives, through the interactions of loves one, or the “coincidental” connection to a stranger who seems to arrive at just the right time.

When I see these moments, I take note. I remember them because they remind me that the impossible is indeed possible when it comes to God. He is not limited to only those who love Him. He can move and bring change wherever He wills. We are the ones who see limitations and failure where God sees possibilities and potential.

This is where I want to live in my marriage. In the now. In the moments that allow me to love my husband despite our faith difference and find ways to connect and nurture our relationship. I can do this only when I trust God and His strength to bring change to a situation that sometimes seems so unchangeable.

So I push away the panic and fear and replace them with the promises in God’s Word and I remember the moments of revelation that have spoken to me in the past of God’s presence. I sink into the all-comforting truth that God is truly and always faithful.

Praying and believing,

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