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Hand-prayLet’s talk about older kids.  

I’ve been sharing with you about the battle I sense coming with my husband. A new aspect has developed that I’d like to talk about here because I think it’s an area we haven’t really touched upon. And some of you out there reading this may have some inspiring wisdom and stories to share. I’m betting you do.

My daughters are mostly grown. One is 21 and the other 17. The oldest is in college and the youngest (our cancer survivor) is trying to figure out what to do with her life. If you have kids this age, you probably know this can be a time when they are mostly focused on themselves because it’s a huge time of transition for them. They are crossing the line between dependent children to independent adults. I think we all remember our own struggles during this time.

Last week a morning of prayer prepared me to have a conversation with my oldest daughter about the spiritual battle going on around her dad. She can’t see this right now. She only sees how it is affecting her on a visible level. I needed to help her understand that what she saw on the surface is only symptomatic of the battle waging for her dad’s soul.

As I said to her, maybe this sounds dramatic, but it is the truth. More is at stake than how we are inconvenienced or misunderstood. The very next day, I wound up having to say nearly the same things to my youngest, at her initiation. For the first time I’m having to enlist the understanding, prayers and support of my daughters.

This is a challenge I hadn’t anticipated, thus why I thought it would be wise to discuss it here. It’s not the same as when they are little and ask why Daddy doesn’t believe in God or go to church. I think I preferred that challenge to this one. When they are little, their hearts are a bit more willing to pray and understand what’s more important. Their innocent hearts are quick to accept what they don’t see but know to be true.

As young adults they see more of what they have to sacrifice and that challenges them in unexpected ways too. Good ways that I believe God wants to use to increase their faith and trust in Him, but challenges none-the-less.

This is the conversation I had to have with my daughters—to explain to them that more love and understanding along with prayers are required in this time of spiritual warfare, that it can’t just be about our own lives and what we’re struggling with or trying to accomplish, but it’s a time to join a common cause or mission, if you will.

I know this is stuff they need to hear and know. And I praying for wisdom and guidance to help them navigate this new territory that perhaps I should have seen coming or prepared them better. As the first believer in my family and an only child to boot, I'm navigating untried waters here. Thank goodness God is patient and merciful!

So, my dear friends, let’s hear from you. How are you or would you navigate waters like these? Right now, for the Miller crew, we are truly walking by faith and not by sight.

Praying and believing,

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