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Thankful Thursday - Sweet Sixteen

It's Thankful Thursday. In June we are at Iris', Grace Alone.


Can anyone tell me what happened??

I blinked and my baby who was strapped safely in her car seat in our Ford Explorer is now pulling away from the house driving it.

I am freaked out. I am humbled. I am scared. I am excited. I'm emotional!!

Imported Photos 00012 She turned 16 and passed her driving exam all in a few short days this past week. This little shy girl who never spoke to anyone and hid behind my leg has become an actress at school, a driving young adult an intelligent and good student and a great buddy to me.

We spent the day together on the beach today. We talked about boys and about dating. We discussed college and all manner of teenage woes. But I looked at her as we were driving down the freeway on our way home and saw a beautiful young woman. Beautiful inside and out.

I said, "Did you pray and thank God for helping you pass your driver's exam."

"Yes, Mom," she stated matter-of-factly. As if.... why do I even need to ask.

My heart soars. She is becoming a young woman and Jesus will be part of her life. Jesus will be part of her sweet sixteen year, her high school graduation, her wedding day, and every day of her life.

Today, I have witnessed the faithfulness of God. He has heard my prayers. He has loved on my daughter and revealed himself despite her daddy's unbelief. My daughter, sweet sixteen this week, loves Jesus. And that is all that really matters.

I love you Caitie. You are a joy to both your mom and dad. We couldn't be prouder or love you more. Hugs, Mom (Lynn)

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