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Thankful Thursday - Random Richness

It's Thankful Thursday. In June we are at Iris', Grace Alone. Next month, July, we are back here. WOO HOO! Dineen will be helping with Thankful Thursday in July, as I will be in Wisconsin.

 Do any of you live in or around Door County? Let's meet up.....

Half of 2011 is OVER. Say What?

I'm so thankful for the answered prayers in the last six months (read Monday's post for just one answer to my words of prayer).

I'm thankful that tonight the Women's Leadership Team will gather at my house for Sunridge Women - Foodnetwork. We are going to cook together, Roman Chicken, A Southwest Salad, Cheesey garlic bread. Three words: Yum and eee. We are celebrating the victories of the past church year. Lives were changed. Bondage broken and Jesus was glorified.

I'm still humbled to the core that as an unequally yoked woman, my church embraced me and has encouraged me to serve my local church body. In some churches, if your husband is unsaved, a woman cannot serve. I am deeply thankful.

I'm thankful for my sister in Christ, Dineen Miller (My Jerry McGuire). I love you my friend.

I am so thankful for all of you who spend your precious time here with me reading. You grieve with me over setbacks and shout with joy and praise through the victories in my ordinary life. My extraordinary life, because of Christ. 

I love each of you who stops in here. What are you thankful for this week. Leave a note in the comments and honor Jesus with your praise. Hugs, Lynn

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