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Pointing Out the Positive

Photo 3 I’m in Florida at the moment visiting with our extended families. When I fell in love with my husband, I also fell in love with his family. He has a big one too! I love being around them and hearing all their stories of growing up. Lots of chuckles and memories.

On Father’s Day I loved seeing my husband and his youngest brother team up to help their dad with a project that would have monopolized a lot of this hard-working man’s time. Their unity and closeness have always inspired me.

As you can see by the picture, they are hard at work making a repair on the back porch. That front mostly gray head belongs to my sweet guy who gave his Father’s Day time to serve his dad.

I just love that. I love that I can see such positive and giving qualities in my husband and I make a point of letting him know how much I appreciate and admire those qualities.

So this week I’d like to challenge you to praise your husband for one thing—even it’s small—and thank him for that quality. Do this once a day (more if you’re motivated!) and watch what happens.

And if you’re willing, come back and share with us what happened. I know I love seeing my husband’s smile flash and his shoulders go up just a tad. Those opportunities to affirm them are priceless!

Praying and believing,

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