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946158: Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy"s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

The following is an excerpt from Heaven Is For Real: Looking back, the Burpos realized there had been moments since the surgery when Colton had spoken very personally about Jesus, but they had just been happily surprised. Now they were fascinated. Over the next few months, they looked for opportunities to casually find out more about just what their son had experienced… On one occasion, Todd asked, “What did Jesus look like?” Abruptly, Colton put down his toys and looked up. “Jesus has markers. And he has brown hair and he has hair on his face. And his eyes -- oh, Dad, his eyes are so pretty! And he has markers, Dad.” “What color are Jesus’ markers?” “Red, Daddy. Jesus has red markers on him.”


I think the first time I read this little boys account of his death and encounters in heaven and specifically this one….. Jesus has markers, I fell absolutely still. I sat and reeled as the full force of Christ’s love and His sacrifice washed over me. With each wave, the reality that these markers, these red markers are lasting evidence of a love I can’t begin to comprehend. A sacrifice I can’t contemplate in full. A gift.  

For me.

For you.

The red markers are visible in His skin right now, this very minute, because He redeemed us.

The red markers stand as evidence over my prodigal years where I ran from Him.

The red markers are there bearing proof that Jesus suffered because my selfishness and the hurt I causes others.

The red markers are His scars.

We also bear scars of pain. They don’t always show on our physical body but the scars of pain cut across our heart and many still lie unhealed and festering in our soul.

An affair of a spouse.

An family member who was an abuser.

An addiction of mom or dad that wreaked havoc in our childhood.

Our own addiction.

The loss of a home, a bankruptcy, a job.

Betrayal of a Christian.

Loving a man who is hostile to Christ.

These are the scares that only Christ can heal.  Let’s offer them up. Let’s give them to Christ and forgive our enemies. Let’s pray for those who cut those scares into our live. That is how we find freedom. Clinging to our bitterness only hurts us. It’s time to release ourselves from the chains and LIVE.

Good ALWAYS Wins!


Jesus bears the red markers to prove it. ~Lynn 

(Inspired by Josh Clark and Heaven is For Real ~ Thank you)

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