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Thankful Thursday - Small Group Community

I't's Thankful Thursday. I put up my TT posts around 5:oo PM PT on Wednesday so the gals who live on the other side of the world, can join the fun while it's still Thursday where they live.

May we are over at Laurie's, Women Taking A Stand and in June we are at Iris', Grace Alone.

Today I sat outside of a local coffee house with a few of my friends. Eleven of us to be exact. These are some of the gals from my small group Bible study. We were having a reunion.

I can't tell you how thankful I am for God's people. Today we shared triumphs and new challenges some of us face but you know what we celebrated the most.


And our friendship through Him. Our hope for our future and the relationships we have with one another. Imported Photos 00007

You know, when we leave this earth all we take with us is our relationships. THAT is the entire reason we are living day to day in Christ. 


With Christ and with each other.

In the early years of my marriage, I desperately needed those relationships I formed through a small group Bible study. All these years later I still treasure my small group. I have been leading this small group for years and it is one of the absolute richest rewards I have from the King.

If you are not enjoying a small community, find one. If you are, give thanks today.

I'm thankful for my small group and so thankful for our relationship with Jesus and with one another.

(Love you gals)

Hugs, Lynn

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