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Weekend Devo — Precious Moments

IStock_000009988691XSmall Yesterday I attended the funeral of a friend's husband. He'd lived a full life, knowing his place in this world and especially his place in God's Kingdom. He'd lived for Jesus and impacted the lives of many.

What I loved most about this service was the stories shared about this man's life. Hearing them reminded me again of how those memorable moments are the ones we carry through our lives because they're steeped in love. And at our most difficult times, they can be what carries us though.

If I learned one thing going though my daughter's ordeal with cancer, it's that these moments are critical and precious. Grab them, treasure them, hold them close. They are the substance of our lives just as much as the trials we endure.

Together they build a complete picture of a life lived to the fullest. We need both. So laugh every day. Find a moment to be goofy with your kids. Tickle your husband and make him smile. Embrace every moment to the fullest.

Praying and believing,

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