The Lamb and the Entry ~ Whoa!
Wednesday ~


Each day between now and Easter Sunday I will post a Chronological Look at the Passion Week. Remember to stop in here every morning, pause for five minutes, and think upon what is happening on this particular day nearly two thousand years ago. Reflect, pray, get out your Bible, and then add your thoughts here in the comments. 

Look up scripture verses and share them. Write your prayers. Let’s bring to life again the week of Easter and thank Jesus for the most profound event to ever take place. His death and resurrection, which is the reason we have hope and a life.

Let’s get started:


On the way from Bethany to Jerusalem, Jesus cursed the fig tree, and He cleansed the temple in Jerusalem. Some religious leaders began to plot ways to kill him. That evening Jesus left Jerusalem, presumably returning to Bethany.

Okay, thoughts on this. Is it sometimes difficult to imagine Jesus getting really, really mad as in this scene? What would it be like if Jesus came into our church building/meeting today? Would He tear down, throw out and cleanse? Fascinating thoughts. 

Sunday's a comin'.... Hugs, Lynn

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