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Thankful Thursday - Hope

I'm so excited that Thankful Thursday is back here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for the month of April. I put up my TT posts around 5:oo PM PT on Wednesday so the gals who live on the other side of the world, can join the fun while it's still Thursday where they live.

In April we meet here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage in May we are over at Laurie's, Women Taking A Stand and June at Iris', Grace Alone.

At Home With The Donovan Clan:

Several days ago I stood in the bathroom working my usual routine, blow dryer, make up, hair spray, hair spray and ……. more hair spray. (I heart BIG hair -- Loved the ‘80s) Okay, I’m dating myself here.

My husband, at the time, was also working through his morning ritual. Please join in on our conversation.

“Yes, you do snore.”

"I DO NOT snore,” I replied resolute in my voice. *I grin*

Now you have to understand this conversation. My husband can snore with the best of ‘em. One time he snored so loud while on a business trip, the guy next door checked out and move down the hall. Yep. Ahem. Sorry Honey, probably didn’t want me to share that tidbit of info with the world. Moving along…..

“You are the one who snores loudly, “ I quip back.

He looks into my eyes through the reflection of the mirror, grinning as if he knows a telling secret of mine, “You do to….. snore. I heard you last night.”

Not to be outdone, I stubbornly reply with a telling grin across my face, “I reject that lie,” as I begin to giggle knowing I am about to be had.

My husband turns, faces me squarely, and pronounces, “You snore. That’s the truth and the truth will set you free.”

I look at him stunned for a split second then I bust out laughing as my man quotes scripture at me. I start laughing so hard my stomach hurts. I reach up and give him a high five, “Honey, are you speaking scripture?” I giggle and hoot. “Dude, I’m impressed. There is hope for you yet.”

He’s laughing. I’m laughing. All is right with the world.

We went on with our morning routine with joy in our hearts and a giggle in our step.

As I recall this silly exchange and now share it with all of you, there is a smile resting upon my lips. My man is a fun guy but you know what really makes me smile?

Somehow, he is hearing the truth of scripture.

Someway God is sticking it in his brain.

Someday that scripture will become more than a funny retort in our morning habit.  

Something will happen to cause my man to surrender to Jesus.

I have hope.

I have a GREAT BIG hope that all the years of praying and loving this man, none are wasted. I have hope that the Bible verses that sometimes escape my lips in everyday and ordinary conversation are landing squarely where Jesus wants them to land, on his heart. I have hope that Jesus always hears my prayers for my husband’s salvation.

I have hope.

A GREAT BIG God sized hope.

I serve the Creator of the Universe. He is my hope. He is my joy. He is my laughter. He is optimism for today, tomorrow, and my eternity. He is my hope over my past, my sins, my mistakes, my failures. He redeems it all and then uses it all to reflect just how powerful and how fully loving He really is.

I have a hope that transcends understanding and it makes me smile.

It has been a great privilege to host Thankful Thursday this month. I love all of you. I can’t wait to read your posts on HOPE. Love and hugs, Lynn

PS. Sometimes I DO snore, but only very quietly. Don’t tell. *grin.*


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