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Thankful Thursday -

I'm so excited that Thankful Thursday is back here at Spiritually Unequal Marriage for the month of April. I put up my TT posts around 5:oo PM PT on Wednesday so the gals who live on the other side of the world, can join the fun while it's still Thursday where they live.

First, I have missed all of you so much. I can't wait to catch up on what's happening around your place. The Lord has been up to BIG things and I can't wait to read about them.

Please post your thankful post on your blog/Facebook or in the comments here and join the community and let's be intentional about giving thanks to God for our abundant blessings. Be sure to visit at least five others and share their praises.

Let's get going.

 One of the greatest blessings of our internet community is to FINALLY meet you face-to-face. And last week after knowing my friend Angela for nearly five years through this blog, we met... Face-to-face. Here she is between Dineen and me.

I about hurt myself getting out of the car to hug her neck when I first saw her. Anyhoo, I'm so thankful for our online community here. And, I look forward to almost hurting myself again getting out of the car when it's my turn to meet you, face-to-face. Sure hope it's this side of heaven. 

What are you thankful for this week. Let's give praise to the LORD for He has done great things. Be blessed, Lynn

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