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Chronicles of the Donovan Clan

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated the Chronicles. So today, join me for a peek into the Donovan house.

Most of you who have been readers here know that I am a bit wacky and I love an adventure. I see adventure in so many things. I am convinced that is because God lives in my heart and I can expect Him to show up, show off and show me new revelations of His amazing love and grace.

He doesn’t disappoint.

One of my favorite adventures is a trip across the street to our mailbox. Yep, lame, I know. However, I have some fantastic encounters with neighbors out there. I find stray dogs that follow me home (read that story here) and mostly I delight in some unexpected treasures that arrive in that small tin box.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I trotted to the box, slipped in the key and pulled out a wad of papers. Walking back toward the house I flipped through the junk mail and bills and my eyes landed on a bright yellow envelope neatly addressed to Lynn Donovan in the recognizable and neat hand printing of my husband.

Astonished, I froze on the spot in the middle of the street.

I immediately flipped the envelope over and pressed my index finger under the lip of the yellow paper and tore that envelope almost in half.

What in the world?

A delightful greeting card with a photo of a little boy and girl slid out. I almost fell over right there, smack in the middle of the street. The world faded away. A convoy of cars could have been honking for me to move out of the street and I wouldn’t have heard it.

I opened the card, which incidentally I noticed it was postmarked from Minnesota where my husband currently travels for business. Inside was… ahem, the sweetest words of two people living life together.

Imported Photos 00017 An overwhelming loved filled my heart and I smiled. I closed the card, returned to earth and realized I better get out of the street because inside our house awaits a man who is deeply loved by a wacky 5’4’ blonde and he is about to receive a big ole kiss.

Standing in my husband’s home office doorway with card in hand, I smile and say, “Excuse me, who are you and what have you done with my husband?”

He looks up, puzzlement resting on his eyes until he spots the card in my hand.

He smiles. I walk to him and grab his face and …. ahem, well you get the picture. And for those of you with a suspicious nature, no, he's not trying to get out of the dog house. "We are in the best place in our marriage that we have ever been." ~ his words....

As I share this turn in our life, this event may look like a small and silly gesture. It may also be terribly difficult for some of you to read about this encounter of a couple who are in love and how they share that love in this unexpected way. But, what I need to tell you is that I have waited many, many years for this very moment.

Not since our very early years of dating did a card “for no reason” show up in my mailbox.

You know what I find so intriguing about all of this is that I am living in a place in my life and marriage that it’s doesn’t matter to me now that I receive an unexpected card or flowers. And if you knew me years ago, you would know how crazy this sounds.

How can this be?

I dared to live the hard years.

I didn’t give up on my dream. I didn’t surrender my marriage. I wouldn’t stop praying for this man I married. I never quit pouring the love of Christ into him. I relentlessly pushed forward through the exhaustion, the loneliness, and disillusionment.


Two things. I learned to love Jesus with all of my heart, mind, soul, and strength and I had to let go of “me.”

Jesus changed everything in my life. He flipped me upside down, turned me around and inside out. Do you feel like this is happening in your life? Then you are in the right place for God’s Son to do the fantastic in your life.

This life is not about me. It’s about Jesus. All of it. All the time. In every way, about Jesus. When I finally got over myself and my wants that is when the rewards, the adventures, the love and joy filled my life.

Ask yourself this question. Am I “really” ready to take Jesus at His Word and trust that it’s okay that life isn’t all about me?

Aren’t you at all curious what He could do for you if you just let Him?

Be embraced by our King this day. I love and care for all of you with a deep and eternal love. Hugs, Lynn

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