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Thankful Thursday - Bible Study

Thankful Thursday is at Grace Alone in March, back here in April and at Women Taking a Stand in May.


Bible study ended today.

Last September a group of women gathered together in the upstairs room of our church. Many of us were strangers or merely acquaintances. Yet, we set out on a journey together to know more about the Lord, whom we serve.

We traveled through the difficult yet powerful and healing study, Breaking Free by Beth Moore. Chains were broken, sins forgiven, freedom found, eternal friendships were forged. Then we moved on to learn more about Jesus through the study, Jesus, The One and Only by Beth Moore (I'm a Beth Moore fan).

Today our long journey ended and as I looked around the table at the the 15 women sitting there, I wept. Overcome with emotion that I will love and know these friends forever. That I was selected by God to see their freedom at hand. That I was able to pray with one of them to accept Christ as her Savior. That I was able to serve the Lord that I love.

The women cried with me and then we laughed and then we all reached for Kleenex. 

Oh, how I will miss them.

Oh, how I love them.

Oh, how HE loves all of us. Forever and ever.

THAT is what I am thankful for this Thursday.

Be embraced by the King. Lynn

If you are not part of a group of believers and trying to travel the unequally yoked road alone, I encourage you to find a Bible study, a small group a friend. Bible study was a rock in the early years of my spiritual mismatched marriage. Hugs, Lynn

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