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Thankful Thursday - 2,920 days

Thankful Thursday is at Grace Alone in March, back here in April and at Women Taking a Stand in May.


Bible study is a lifeline for those of us who are unequally yoked. In the early years of my marriage, I was desperate to have someone of faith come along side me and love on me, teach me and pray for me. My small group of gals from Bible study was God's provision in a time of my much needed spiritual growth.

I have served as a small group leader of women's Bible study for many years now. It remains one of the most rewarding adventures in my life. 

Yesterday I was privileged to pray with one of the women in our group when after eight years of inviting her to study, she gave her heart to Christ. 

Angels and this lil' ole Bible study leader are rejoicing!

I'm overwhelmed the Lord would pursue this woman for all these years and allow me to watch as He captured her heart. He never gave up and you know what, I didn't either. Her journey to the cross was nurtured through so many in our group and I am a humble participant.

Rejoice with me today for God loves people and He never, NEVER gives up. 

Praising Him, Lynn

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