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What’s His Idea of Romance?

933344_i_love_you Over the weekend, I went out with my husband, and as we were talking, I suddenly had the thought, “I know what I consider romantic, but what’s his idea of romance?”

Valentine’s Day seems to pretty much revolve around us women, but I wonder if we miss out on some great opportunities to connect with the man in our life because we don’t consider their want or need to be romanced too. Maybe not like we do, but I do believe that we’re missing another chance here to show our love and Christ’s love for our unbelieving spouses. After all, doesn’t God pursue and woo us? Romance us? Check out Song of Solomon if you’re not sure.

So I asked my husband what he thought was romantic. At first he was a little confused by my question, thinking I meant it in terms of movies and such. I explained further and here’s what he told me.

He said he found unsolicited gestures and gifts, without any occasion or holiday, to be romantic. He loves thoughtfulness. He likes it when I buy him his favorite ice cream. He likes it when I buy him a little something special. He likes it when I do the dinner dishes for him when I notice he’s tired or is tied up taking care of other stuff around the house. They’re such little things but they communicate that I was thinking about him and concerned about his happiness and well being.

I will share another thing with you. I’m not something special or unique that I do this stuff. No, I prayed a long time ago and continue to pray that God would help me to love my husband the way He needs me to. God has definitely answered that prayer, because on my own, I can be pretty oblivious at times. God is the King of romance and creativity. Who better to go to for ideas on how to romance our spouses, right?

I hope you’ll have fun with this as Valentines Day approaches and beyond. Being intentional and purposeful in our marriages is key to building loving and lasting relationships.

Praying and believing,


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I hope you'll take a moment and read it HERE.

For Bonnie to open her doors to do a feature on a nonfiction book is such an honor and a blessing. I’m in awe of how God is touching hearts with this book and it’s not even out there yet! The outpour of support for this message for the spiritually mismatched from you and unexpected places in the publishing industry is amazing! God knows what we need, amen?


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