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Weekend Devo — God Rocked My World with a Hook!

Did I ever tell you the story of how God provided shoes in the exact color I needed?

It's a story I hold close to my heart because it reminds me how He truly cares about every detail in our lives. I'd searched all over the place for a pair of shoes in a certain color for an outfit and in my size, which can be hard to find (long, narrow feet...). I'd also given up trying to find a Christmas wreath door hanger.

Went to visit a friend and she had both! Shoes my size and an extra hanger! That was years ago and at that stage of my faith, it spoke volumes to me of God's provision.

Well, I think God wanted to give me a reminder yesterday. I was so inspired by Lynn's hummingbirds that I bought a feeder. My daughter Leslie was with me and suggested I get one. My only dilemma was finding a hook for it. The feeder didn't come with one and I wasn't sure we had something at home that would work. But I was determined to have a hummingbird feeder!

I adore hummingbirds. Always have. To me they are one of God's most precious and amazing creations. These tiny birds go into near death hybernation every night to live another day.

So, out the store I went with my hummingbird feeder, loaded the car with our purchases, and then pushed the cart to the cart corral.

Feeder Something shiny caught my eye. I looked down and there was this hook, just laying there by the cart. I kid you not! Do you see it in the picture? It's the perfect fit and size for my feeder and the hook on my porch.

I grabbed it, got in the car, and held it out to Leslie. I wish you could have seen her face. Eyes huge and mouth open, she gasped.

"Is God not good or what?" I asked her. We left the parking lot with goofy grins on our faces and praise for God in our hearts.

I love our Lord. He blows me away again and again. I hadn't even prayed for that hook, but God knew what I needed and delighted in giving it to me. And He truly delighted me!

Isn't He awesome? Lord, you rock my world!

Praying and beliving,

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